L'Orangerie du Mas
L'Orangerie & its History

A magical venue

A magical venue



Over time and with the success of Le Mas de So, there came a desire to expand. We wanted to offer more, but without spoiling our wonderful property. On the contrary, we wanted to enhance it! The large empty area which we were using as a car park served as the jumping-off point.

This turned out to be an ideal playground for Marysol. Drawing her inspiration from the site’s topography and surrounding vegetation, she imagined a curtain unfurling along the edge of the woods.

Like a theatre surrounded by tiers of wooden seats, or an arena hosting a wide variety of events. As she began to draw the structure, the idea of an orangery became the obvious choice. Light would serve as the raw material, playing with transparency to offer a sense of complete immersion in the landscape.

Marysol’s and Stéphane’s gamble paid off, and they created a unique venue in the region, a real architectural feat with multiple uses, capable of accommodating any kind of large event whilst preserving the full charm of the location.



The entire Orangerie venue was created to form a harmonious whole: in addition to its immaculate architecture, its exterior area is also a showcased feature, which actively contributes to the magical feel of the place. With its remarkable natural setting, the Orangerie extends outdoors and can be arranged to suggest a theatre, creating a link between interior and exterior. Take advantage of the 1,500 m² of outdoor space which you are free to arrange as you see fit.

The edges of the area are bedecked in colourful lights, making the venue even more fascinating and giving texture to the most prestigious of events.



This 540 m2 space, with its clean lines plus heating and air conditioning, can be adapted and transformed to suit your needs. In addition, the majority of the main façade can be opened up to offer continuity between the indoor and outdoor areas.
This flexibility can create a largely open space or a more intimate setting.

A back of house area featuring remarkable architecture will astonish you with its marvellous reflections. The Orangerie changes with the hours, the seasons, the lighting and the people.



When night falls, the building’s illuminations are personalised to your event and seem to extend out of doors, with the surrounding area embracing the venue in an interplay of lights and reflections, and the nature all around it coming to life in a real spectacle.

Each of the steps in the terraced seating is underlit by a strip of light which can be adjusted over the course of the evening.
The Orangerie gives an illusion of extending far beyond its borders.